National Workshop on Strengthening and Repositioning Cooperative Societies as Engine of National Growth and Economic Development Upcoming

  • Wed, 21st Aug 2024
  • 2d 8h
  • Abuja. , FCT , Nigeria


This comprehensive workshop aims to empower cooperative societies as pivotal drivers of economic growth and development in the nation. By equipping participants with knowledge, skills, and strategies, the workshop seeks to transform cooperatives into dynamic and sustainable organizations that contribute significantly to the national economy.


* Enhance understanding of the role of cooperative societies in national growth and economic development.
* Develop strategies to strengthen the cooperative sector and increase its competitiveness.
* Provide practical tools and techniques for improving cooperative governance and management practices.
* Facilitate networking opportunities and foster collaboration among stakeholders.
* Advocate for policies and initiatives that support the growth and sustainability of cooperatives.

Key Features:
*interactive sessions:** Engaging discussions, case studies, and simulations to promote knowledge sharing and practical application.

*Expert facilitators:** Renowned experts in the field of cooperatives and economic development will guide the workshop.

*Relevant case studies:** Examples from successful cooperatives around the world will be presented to demonstrate best practices and lessons learned.

*Networking opportunities:** Ample time for networking and sharing experiences with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

*Customized materials:** Participants will receive comprehensive workshop materials, including a toolkit with resources and strategies.


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