National Workshop on Land Administration and Control for Economic Growth Upcoming

  • Tue, 25th Jun 2024
  • 1d 8h
  • Abuja. , FCT , Nigeria


Unlock the true potential of your economy with a comprehensive understanding of land administration and control. This pivotal national workshop is designed to empower policymakers, urban planners, land surveyors, and other stakeholders with the knowledge and strategies needed to ensure efficient, transparent, and equitable management of land resources.

Key Benefits:
* Maximize Economic Growth: Optimize land utilization, attract investments, and create a conducive environment for business growth.
* Enhance Land Management Efficiency: Improve land administration processes, reduce conflicts, and streamline land transactions.
* Promote Social Equity: Ensure equitable access to land, reduce informality, and safeguard the rights of marginalized communities.
* Boost Public Revenue: Optimize land taxation, unlock the value of real estate, and generate sustainable revenue for economic development.
* Safeguard Environmental Integrity: Protect natural resources, preserve biodiversity, and promote sustainable land use practices.

Target Audience:
* Policymakers and government officials
* Urban and regional planners
* Land surveyors and cadastral professionals
* Real estate developers and property managers
* Academics and researchers
* Civil society organizations

* Global best practices in land administration and control
* Cadastral surveys and mapping
* Land registration and titling
* Land use planning and zoning
* Land taxation and revenue collection
* Dispute resolution and conflict management
* Sustainable land use and environmental protection

Expert Faculty:
Leading experts from academia, industry, and the public sector will share their insights and proven strategies.

Practical Application:

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be equipped to:

* Formulate effective land policies and regulations
* Design and implement efficient land management systems
* Resolve land disputes and ensure land tenure security
* Promote sustainable and equitable land use
* Contribute to the overall economic and social development of the nation

Investment in the Future:
Investing in this workshop is an investment in the future of your land resources and the prosperity of your economy. Join us and become a transformative force in the field of land administration and control.



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